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Mezzanine 600 Series Tech Specs

Mezzanine Components

Mezzanine appliance 1 rack mountable appliance that acts as the hub of the collaborative work session
3D tracking system 1 in-room gestural control of Mezzanine; consists of a ceiling mounted sensor array, a base radio, and wireless wand control devices
Workspace displays 3 three 1080p displays that act as the primary digital workspace for your content and working session
Corkboard displays 1-3+ 1080p displays that act as an extension of the main workspace
Whiteboard camera 1 coupled with the wand, enables easy snapshots of a traditional or digital whiteboard surface
Video conferencing (optional) 1 add video calling to your Mezzanine experience by connecting a video conferencing system

Controlling Mezzanine

Wand 2 spatially-tracked hand-held devices that provide direct pointing control within Mezzanine
Web browser app 25 Mezzanine web app that provides both in-room and remote control of Mezzanine
iOS and Android device 32 edge devices that provide both in-room and remote control of Mezzanine

Mezzanine Logical Diagram

Mezzanine Appliance

Video Inputs 10 simultaneous inputs
4 x HDMI streams
Common supported formats:
1080p60, 720p60
1 x IP camera stream
5 x Network video streams (Screencast)
Video Outputs 6 x HDMI outputs
Supported Format: 1080p60
Network Interface Connections 1 x Network connection port
1 x IP whiteboard camera port
Tracking Interface Connections 1 x Ultrasonic emitter port
2 x Radio receiver port
Hard Drives 512 GB solid-state drive
Operating System Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Dimension 482 x 514 x 84 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 10.89 kg
Power V: 100-240 V
Hz: 47-63 Hz
W: 500 W
Operating Environment -5°C—35°C (23°F—95°F)

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